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ALLVIEW carports and tool sheds are manufactured in galvanised powder-coated steel


ALLVIEW carports and sheds are manufactured in galvanised powder-coated steel. This makes them optimally protected from the Danish weather. You should still take care of them: a quick annual wash will keep the surface clean and attractive.


Examine the surface to check whether scratches or grooves might have been made over the course of the year. Scratches or grooves can be rectified with a suitable metal paint (e.g., FLÜGGER Metal Pro) using RAL7021 colour 25. Wash the carport every year with lukewarm water; if you live close to the sea, twice-yearly.


All bolts and fasteners should be re-tightened once yearly. Avoid over-tightening. All that is needed is to make sure that the bolts have not worked loose over the course of the year. Over-tightening can cause a bolt to break – in which case a new bolt, washer and fastener should be fitted immediately.


Roof boards should be washed twice yearly. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and leaves from the roof. Follow this by washing the roof boards with lukewarm water and an algaecide. Take particular care at the ends of the roof boards, where algae typically forms.


Wash roof gutters and downpipes twice yearly. Remove leaves, pine needles and other muck from the gutters and ensure that water runs freely in the downpipes. It is a good idea to attach a leaf grate (type Exponet) as this helps keep culverts free of leaves.


Check whether the foundations are intact and show no cracks. If there are cracks that move when the carport is subjected to pressure (knocking the carport), immediate action should be taken.


Tool rooms, side and end walls can be ordered in lacquered steel or with a composite material as wall cladding. Pillars and wall plates in lacquered steel should be treated as under the instructions for STEEL FRAME.

Composite material should be brushed once yearly with a soft brush. The surface should then be washed with lukewarm water, to which algaecide can be added where necessary.


During the winter, watch out for sudden, heavy snowfall. If you are forced to shovel snow in order to be able to leave your front door without having it come over your boots, then it is also time to remove snow from the carport roof. This is best done with a stiff brush or snow shovel (take care to avoid scratching the roof boards).

Do not walk on the roof boards, which are smooth and will break.

Walk only on the rafters if you have to go on the roof.

Remember: getting up on the roof is always at your own risk!

Large amounts of snow will exert significant pressure on the roof construction and risk deformation of roof boards and rafters. Pay particular attention to melting snow, which is very heavy. If there is more than 20cm melting snow on the roof it should be removed immediately. Avoid using road salt as an alternative to manual removal.

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